PACVAC Rapid Clean Contract Pro Backpack Vacuum

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This Pacvac Thrift Vacuum Cleaner is a heavy duty, high powered vacuum cleaner created to keep your home or office clean and hygienic. An economic choice, the Thrift features ergonomic, lightweight design for ease of use. The Pacvac Vacuum Cleaner has a large 5 litre capacity with high flow filter and low noise output for greater comfort during use.

Pacvac Thrift Vacuum Cleaner with 3 stage filtration for a heavy duty vacuum cleaning solution
1300w flow-through motor
Weighs 4.6Kgs excluding Power Cord & Hose
Low noise output, 66dB at 1.5m
Comes with 1x Reusable Dust Bag & 2x Disposable Dust Bags
5L capacity with 18m cord

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